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Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic that acts mainly on beta-adrenergic receptors. As such it is classified under the category of other anabolic agents. Its main action is to relax smooth muscle in the airways.

In addition, the actions of clenbuterol may mimic the actions of adrenalin or amphetamines due to its stimulant effect on the heart and the central nervous system.

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Clenbuterol is used worldwide for the treatment of allergic respiratory disease in horses as it is a bronchodilator. A common trade name is Ventipulmin. It can be used both orally and intravenously. It is also a non-steroidal anabolic and metabolism accelerator, through a mechanism not well understood. Its ability to induce weight gain and a greater proportion of muscle to fat makes its illegal use in livestock popular. Clenbuterol residues may affect lung and heart function in humans who have eaten liver or meat of animals that are given the drug.

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  • Side effects
  • Side effects are common and a major problem with its use. They include increased heart rate, palpitations, tremor and insomnia. It may also cause a rise in blood pressure and an increase in anxiety.
  • Status in Sport
  • Clenbuterol is prohibited both in and out of competition under the World Anti-Doping Code 2006 Prohibited List (effective from 01/01/06).

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